What We Do

Stand up to Hirschsprung’s is a non-profit organization

dedicated to research, education and support for people with and affected by Hirschsprung’s Disease. We raise money to fund research and bring awareness to this life changing disease.  Not enough is known about Hirschsprung’s, which makes the challenges families affected by this disease face even harder. With continued research, we hope to find answers to many of the unknowns that still exist.

This organization was founded in order to start the conversation. To give families and people affected a place to turn for support. A place to find information. A place to share their stories. A place to connect to other that share their struggle. A place to be heard.
Through education, we hope to empower people affected by Hirschsprung’s so they can live happy and healthy lives.

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Take the time to show you care and make a donation to help fund the support needed to overcome Hirschsprung's.

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