Our Mission

Our Mission

My story began in 1977 when I was born in December and only after 32 hours after birth I was diagnosed with Hirschsprungs disease. I had to undergo emergency surgery or else I would not be here today. For the past 38 years I have dealt with surgeons, doctors, specialists that had no or little info to offer because my symptoms were near impossible to figure out or once they had it nailed down to one thing other things would happen. In and out of hospitals since I was born.

Then August 2006 happened. I collapsed with Mega Colon. In easy terms my colon exploded inside of me. I was rushed via ambulance to the hospital with a 2.1 Hemoglobyn " blood" level. With a 5% chance of living and 33 Units of blood transfused and placed on a ventilator " life support" for two months. They had to remove the bowel blockage by hand and I spent several months in the hospital from Critical Care, ICU, Normal Care then Home Health Care for rehab. I was 6"5 140lbs when discharged with no muscle and could not walk on my own I slowly built up muscle to walk with help and lifting a pencil became easy. Recently this past October 2012 I underwent a surgery to repair a prolapse from the colostomy placed in 2006 and the surgery went very well but unfortunatley I bleed out and as well went septic with a infection as well.

Since Oct 2012 I have undergone 15 surgeries bought a new home, had a baby since my wife was 7 months pregnant when the first surgery happened let go from my career at a firm for 14 successful years, several deaths in both our familys, even our baby had several minor incidents of seizures that were all okay after a short hospital visit. Now I am a business owner and it has become impossible to grow it because of all my health issues but I do what I can and never quit.

This means so much to myself and my family simply because I have never given up or let anything slow me down in life. I push myself every day to deliver for my family even under chronic pain and multiple trips to Drs for follow ups and check ups as I am on many medications daily to keep or at least be healthy as possible. My thanks and gratitude can not even be rated on a scale amongst my family. I never ask for much but now that times are extrememly tough and I volunteer to speak on behalf of my disease to college medical students when I can, because I believe in giving back and thru the State of Florida I have become a certified speaker for Hirschsprungs so medical student can earn credit at my lectures. Helping familys that are given the chance to have a new life enter this world and also have resources to go to for answers in case they are diagnosed with the same disease that is treatable but not curable and has so so much still to learn by the medical community and scientists alike.

I currently just had my colon removed and I am recovering from that surgery. I still have to get a stint removed in the near future which will involve another surgery. Forever and always thankful for every day God gives me and my family. "Never Quit, Never Stop"